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Handyman St Charles MO – Energy Saving Tips For Spring and Summer

The hot summer is right around the corner, which means our air conditioning units are going to be blasting full force soon. Here are some helpful energy and cost saving tips for the up-coming hot days.

Spring time is a good time to do a quick check around the house to see if you can implement some of these money saving tips.

Handyman St Charles MO – HVAC Filters

Check the filters on your HVAC system and replace them at east every 3 months. Dirty filters can cost 5 to 15% of your a/c bill, also can reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system.


Try to set thermostat to as high as you can stand it.  Typically, each degree on the thermostat setting can cost 3 to 4% of your heating and cooling cost.

In addition, most of the home a/c units are designed to cool the air with 15-20F difference (i.e. from 95F to 75F). Anything more than 20F difference in air temperature will take more cooling power and energy to do. The a/c unit will run much more often.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can actually help a room cool off by about 4 degrees, so when you turn your ceiling fan on you can actually set your thermostat a little higher and still feel comfortable.

Turn fan off when you leave room to save energy. Fans provide a wind chill effects but won’t really cool a whole room.

Windows and Glass Doors

During the day, close the curtains or window treatments over your windows and glass doors to keep heat from coming in.

After the sun sets, if your home is hotter than the cooler summer nights outside, turn off the a/c and open your windows and doors. Use free natural ventilation to cool the house.

Air Leaks

Check caulking around windows and door. Old and cracked exterior caulk not only cause water damage from rain, but also let hot air in and cool air out during the hot days.

Check weather strips on doors for a good seal for the same reason. The weather strips will wear out over time and will need to be replaced.

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