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Handyman St Charles MO – Power Off Before Unplugging

We often hear from our customers their outlets have burnt-out after unplugging a device/appliance while still on, such as a vacuum cleaner.

Quick Reminder – Power Off

Before unplugging an appliance always power off.  This applies to all electronic appliances (i.e. vacuum cleaner, stove, fridge, iron, hair dryer, curling/flat iron) and electronic devices (i.e. TV, tablet, laptop).

Handyman St Charles MO – You Can Cause Damage 

When an electronic device or appliance is on, it draws an electrical current from the outlet continuously.

If the device is unplugged while it is still on, the electrical current can create arcs in the outlet.

This arcing will damage and burn-out the outlet overtime, which renders the outlets unsafe to use. In addition to this, unplugging while still on can also cause damages to the device/appliance itself.

Besides the similar burn-out damages to the conductors inside the devices, many devices/appliances these days also contain micro-processors in the control panel.

Devices that require electricity need to take time to shut down properly.

By unplugging them while they are still on, the proper shut down procedure is interrupted and can eventually lead to component and software failure.

Prevent Damage 

To prevent damages and for safety reasons, please remember to power off your appliance/devices before unplugging them.

You may need more know-how to do electrical repairs correctly and safely.

Call a professional if you are not sure how to handle it properly. There are many reputable electricians and handyman service companies who can help with your projects!

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Handyman St Charles MO

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