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Handyman St Charles MO – Preparing For Large Home Projects

Deciding to invest in a home remodel can be one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make.

Bigger home improvement jobs like a bathroom or kitchen remodel, screened in porch addition etc. are a major undertaking and can change the way you live temporarily.

These projects can be high stress and preparation is critical to both you and your home. Here are some useful tips that will help your sanity while the remodeling process is going on.

Handyman St Charles MO – Preparing for A Major Remodel

Select vendor carefully:  Get estimates from several different businesses before you decide to hire. Do your homework and research the companies. It is easy to check out a company’s reputation and online reviews, such as on BBB and Google.

Most of the reputable companies will fall in the middle to upper tier on pricing, for delivering reliable and good quality of work and services. Be aware of the lower price quotes. Some can be too good to be true.

Make a checklist: Before you start calling for quotes, make a checklist. Checklists are a fantastic way to stay organized and will help you remember what you need to do before, during, and after the job.

If you are using multiple contractors, verify with each company of the orders items needs to be done so the project can run on schedule, such as who removes plumbing before new kitchen countertop and cabinet is installed, then who needs to reinstall plumbing for kitchen sink, etc.

Deciding to stay or leave: This is a big decision that many homeowners do not expect or budget for. Although in many circumstances, home renovations do not require you to leave your home. Major remodels such as full kitchen remodels can be disruptive to your daily routines, sometimes for weeks.

Be prepared for the inconveniences that may come up during this time. Without a sink, stove, dishwasher and fridge for weeks, it takes a bit of planning ahead to get through this phase.

Informing your neighbors: Make sure to inform your neighbors about the work and when it will begin on your home. Let them know that people will be coming and going during the day and some noise might be expected.

This will give them a heads up so they can plan accordingly. Check your property boundary and easement for outdoor projects during your planning and estimating phase to prevent any issues with neighbors.

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