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Handyman St Charles MO – Preparing Outside of Your Home for Spring

Spring is almost in the air and preparing the outside of your home for the warm months is important. Spring cleaning is not only for the indoors!

Let’s go over a checklist that will help you get the process started.

Handyman St Charles MO – Exterior Home Checklist

1. Check your roof, siding and gutter: Spring often bring strong wind and storms. After each storm passes, give your roof, siding and gutter a quick visual inspection from the ground and look for any loose, damaged or missing shingles, vent covers, sidings, gutters and downspouts.

These items need to be repaired quickly to prevent water damages to your home. Some areas on the house are high or hard to access. It can be a much safer and easier solution to contact a professional home repair company to do the repairs.

2. Check your deck: Inspect your wooden decks and wooden trim. Pay close attention and look for any rotten or cracked wood. Check all railings, posts and deck frames for any loose areas, or soft spots. Check for any loose nails, screws and anchors that needs to be tightened or replaced.

3. Check your garage header: Check for any paint peeling or water damage to wood trim and frames around the overhead garage door. If you have wood above the overhead garage doors, push on them and see if they are still solid. Water can get behind that header board and cause rot over time.

4. Check your windows and doors: Make sure to inspect your windows and exterior doors in the spring. Check all inside and outside caulking around the windows. Exterior caulk crack can cause leaks inside the home.

5. Check your outdoor faucet: Cold weather could cause the outdoor spigot to freeze and crack, sometimes the damage even extend to indoor pipes. Check for any drips on the outside faucet and any cracks on the inside pipes that supply water to the outdoor spigot.

6. Check your HVAC units: The furnace air filter should be replaced at least every three months. A clogged up filter can reduce the furnace’s efficiency while blowing dirty air into the ducts. Take a look at your outdoor a/c unit and clear any plant growth that are crowding the unit.

Hire some professional help!

A great way to get the outside of your home in tip-top shape is by hiring a handyman service. Hiring someone to give you a hand in the spring will get you ready for the rest of the year and will save you time and money in the long run.

We make maintaining and remodeling your home an easy process!

Handyman St Charles MO

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